"Heart of the Valley"

17 October 2015

Patch in FM Aaryon 'Cherry' Mork
Presented Cutter and Kilyn with 'I support' patches.

Cutter brought up to the group of the possibility of a motorcycle/hot chick Razor 94.7 bike calendar, more info to come. Also on Veterans day Razor and WAPL will be doing a veterans drive to benefit Old Glory Honor Flight, I will get more info on that and update soon.

Treasurers report was read. Motion made and carried to donate to OPS for the Clothe A Vet program.

Bill Flemal brought up website information, link is cvma45-3.org. Submit ideas/pictures to him (bill.flemal@gmail.com). Chapter does have a pay pal account now, will be up and running on the site soon to pay chapter dues and event costs. MAKE SURE YOU PRINT PAY PAL RECIEPT FOR DUES AND EVENTS!!!

Guidon has been ordered for the chapter. Herc is in process of making the staff for it.

NATS 2016: Lambeau run, putting interest link on NATS website to see if this event will be a GO/NO GO. NATS link is cvmanationals2016.org, IF YOURE PLANNING ON GOING MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER!!!

Pearly Gates had a thank you party for all those that helped set up/tear down for the ride.

7 November 2015: Route 43 HD having Vet appreciation day. Need at least 6 people to help with this event, contact Kurt Carlson to let him know if you are able to help. If so be there 0830-0900 to help set up. Event is from 10-1500, with color guard, 21 gun salute, TAPS, military vehicles, ETC.... Also we can cook brats, burgers, hot dogs and take donations for the food to goto a charity of our choice, we would need to supply the food. Contact Kurt for more info on this and how to help out.

Christmas Party: January 2nd at Tanners in Kimberly. Buffet style dinner, event starts at 1600. No cost yet on event. Diablo is working on raffle prizes/door prizes. He will get donation letters out with tax ID form soon if youre able to get donations. Santa will be there, if youre bringing kids and want them to get a gift from Santa, buy your child a $10 gift wrapped with their name on it to Decembers meeting, if you cant wrap worth a crap, bring it to Decembers meeting and AUX offered to wrap them. Diablo and Trouble will hold on to the gifts and bring them to the party so the kids don't catch on.

Next meeting is 14 November (instead of 21st since that's opening day of gun deer) at Tanners, starts at 0900 sharp!