Brandon "Krashbar" Kronberg

August 2021 - Featured Member

Brandon “Krashbar” Kronberg
CVMA® Full Member
Army/Army reserve
12C Bridge Crew Member

Iraq 06-07
Iraq 11-12

2003 Honda Goldwing gl1800

Why the CVMA and what do you love about it?

“I love CVMA® for the people. The brotherhood that I was missing and needed after my separation from the military.”

Why “Vets Helping Vets” is important to you?

“Vets helping vets, is Important to me, because back in September 2019 my mother was murdered in Virginia. 45-3 helped me pay my bills so I could afford to fly down for her funeral. In January 2020 I joined 45-3. 45-3 helped me and asked for nothing in return. I want to continue to help as many vets as I can, so they know there is help out there, and they are not alone.”


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